One of the most powerful features of Laravel is its helper functions or facades. Working in real-life projects storing data in an array is a common

Sometimes we need to get an array of database results or collection ids. There are many ways to get this output like using loops or array functions.

In this article, we will see how to check element or value is in an array or not. In short, if we have a value and want to check whether the value e

An array is a very useful data type to store multiple values in a structural way in every programming language. While in web development, JavaScript

Convert an object to associative array in PHP

  • Post published DateApril 04, 2023
  • Posted by UserNilkanth Borad
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Sometimes working with PHP we need to convert objects into array for implement array function or reduce looping from our code. Here, we will see two

Most Useful Array Function In PHP

  • Post published DateApril 03, 2023
  • Posted by UserNilkanth Borad
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In this tutorial, we will learn about PHP array functions and how to use them. Those array functions are in-built into PHP. There are many array fun

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