find area of rectangle program in python

In this example, you will find area of rectangle by user entered width and height.

This program for Area of a rectangle allows the user to enter width and height of the rectangle. Using those values, this python program will calculate the Area of a rectangle and perimeter of a rectangle.

Example :

# Python program to find the area of Rectangle
w = float(input('Please Enter the Width of a Rectangle: '))
h = float(input('Please Enter the Height of a Rectangle: '))
# calculate the area
Area = w * h
# calculate the Perimeter
Perimeter = 2 * (w + h)
print("Area of a Rectangle is: %.2f" %Area)
print("Perimeter of Rectangle is: %.2f" %Perimeter)

Output :

Please Enter the Width of a Rectangle: 12
Please Enter the Height of a Rectangle: 15
Area of a Rectangle is: 180.00
Perimeter of Rectangle is: 54.00

Explanation :

First of all, program will ask user to input height and width. Then perform calculate and store answer into differant variable and print area and perimeter of rectangle.

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