QR code generation in laravel

The main purpose of this blog is to create and display barcode or QR code based on user input. In below examples, we are going to use milon/barcode library.

For your better understanding we have divided program into some parts.

  1. Install Barcode Package (milon\barcode)
  2. Register Barcode Package
  3. Create new Controller for Barcode
  4. Add Barcode Related Route
  5. Create View to Display Barcode
  6. Test Our Application

let's assume you have Laravel application. If you don't have any application then create new application try further steps into it.

Install Barcode Package

Creating and displaying barcode or QR code in your application, we are going to use milon/barcode library. This library contains all functionality to create and display all kinds of barcodes.

So let's install milon/barcode into our Laravel application using below command :

composer require milon/barcode

This command will download related files to your application.

Register Barcode Package

Before using this package, we need to register it into your application config file. So you can access it whenever required. To register open app.php file and add those lines :



    return [

    'providers' => [
    'aliases' => [
        'DNS1D' => Milon\Barcode\Facades\DNS1DFacade::class,
        'DNS2D' => Milon\Barcode\Facades\DNS2DFacade::class,

Create new Controller for Barcode

Let's create new controller which will handle your barcode methods. you will need this controller to load blade file. You can use existing controller if required. For creating new controller enter below command into your terminal :

php artisan make:controller BarcodeController

It will create Barcode controller at app\Http\Controllers\ location.

Now let's modify our controller which will take user input and pass it to view. For that make following changes into your controller :


namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use Illuminate\Http\Request;
use Symfony\Component\Console\Input\Input;

class BarcodeController extends Controller
    public function showBarcode(Request $request)
        $user_input = $request->input('barcode');
        return view('show_barcode', compact('user_input'));

Barcode Controller has only one method which will get request input and pass this input to QR code display page.

Add Barcode Related Route

Let's create route which will interacts with the barcode controller and provides a link to view. thus update the routes/web.php file.


use App\Http\Controllers\BarcodeController;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Route;

Route::get('/', function () {
    return view('welcome');
Route::post('/generate-barcode',[BarcodeController::class, 'showBarcode'])->name('barcode.show');

Whenever user hits this route with post method then it will call showBarcode methods.

Creating View to Display Barcode

In this example we will create QR code on user input so you need two views. One will take user input and second will display QR code to user. Here, we will modify default welcome view for user input and create new view for display barcodes. >We can create any type of barcode or QR code using this library. Modify below views :

resources/views/welcome.blade.php :

resources/views/show_barcode.blade.php :

Testing Our Application

php artisan serve

open below URL into your browser :

Here, Home page will ask for input and when we submit this input It will display QR code and Barcode with input value. In this view, we have created multiple type of barcodes. So use it according to your requirements.

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